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Updated the list with the most recent Hot Fix.As a reminder - this list is not exhaustive. There may be items we do not have included that were already resolved in a Hot Fix, please see the full list of notes for all the details on what has changed.Thanks again for your continued feedback!RESOLVED ISSUESRIFT 1.3 Hotfix #2 - 6/24/11
  • Gilded Prophecy: Uruluuk's summoned shrines currently cause players who target them to crash.
  • LFG Tool: If an un-grouped player does not accept the automatic invite for a dungeon grouped players will be removed from the queue.
  • Changing video settings after applying the event item Vial of Abyssal Water causes a crash.
  • Epic Quest: "The Icewatch" quest text still states that a notoriety level of "Revered" is required to complete.
  • Quest "Reaping the Whirlwind": Quest item causes game to crash.
  • Scarwood Reach: Quest Unexpected Intervention, cannot complete the quest by interacting with the Power Conduit
  • Some characters with inappropriate names are unable to be transferred.
  • Hidden Cache for the Tragic Treasures quest is not spawning properly in any zone.
  • Marksman: Strafe is not properly cancelling when the player runs out of line of sight.
  • The "Disrupting Operations" quests in Shimmersand and Iron Pine Peak for both Guardians and Defiants should currently only update on kills in Stillmoor, they should update on kills in their respective zones.
  • Friends list will mark all friends as offline if they transfer with you, even if they are online.
  • A bug is causing uneven matches in Warfronts
  • Ascended Power: Quantum/Omen Sight goes on cooldown when zoning
  • Adjusting Window size in Windowed Mode or changing from Fullscreen to Windowed mode and vice-versa can cause the client to crash.
  • World Event: Item "Runic Shard" is not properly granting all players a quest.
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