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While it may have been fixed internally, it does not appear to have made it into Hotfix #1 as your updated post would infer, so I'm re-reporting On a positive note I wanted to take a second to give you guys a thumbs up on your communication. Not only have I seen frequent updates about many issues, but I also applaud your breaking this post up into "investigating, fix-in-progess, and resolved." I'm keenly aware of other customer service forums that have a massive list that's never updated or broken down. It's nice as a customer to be able to see that you've identified and verified an issue, and then see that issue progress until moved to resolved.
Thanks for pointing that out - that was an error on my part, I've moved it back to the "FIX IN PROGRESS" section.In the process of another update based on a lot of the reports we've received over the past 24 hours - thanks again for your feedback all!
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