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A number of issues have been resolved with today's Hot Fix:RIFT 1.3 Hotfix #1 - 6/23/11
  • LFG Tool temporarily disabled due to a potential crash issue.
  • Guild banks are enabled on select shards for observation.
  • Issue in which players see random objects such as trees and staircases in areas where there should be none.
  • Whirling Charge Planar Essence: This item has been improperly assigned caster attributes instead of physical.
  • PvP Souls: Break Free does not work when under the effects of certain crowd control abilities.
  • Justicar: Rebuke is currently not working properly.
  • Iron Pine Peak Dailies are not rewarding Plaques of the Mountaineer.
  • Apothecary: The Heroic Healing Tonic is incorrectly replaced with the new recipe Brew of the Abyssal Apprentice.
  • There is a rare issue that may cause a player to crash to desktop when using specific recipes with augments.
  • Raid Frames incorrectly show red bars for members out of range or teleporting.
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