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I just turned in 3 of the new artifact collections; Twisted: Rituals for Everyone.....Twisted: List of Overdue Library Books..... and Twisted: The Fall of the Icewatch. The first one of the 3 I turned in gave me a 'Hoard" which contained a lucky coin, a few gold, and a potion. The next two that I turned in I got shard firsts for the collections, and was given 21 gold for the turn in, but no other rewards not even a lucky coin. Do some of these new collections not award lucky coins, or is it perhaps just a problem with getting a shard first messing with the intended reward? I'm not sure which 2 of those 3 gave me no coins, as my game crashed about 30 seconds afterwords while I was running down the sanctum stairs.
I just tried to reproduce this locally and I was unable to. Each one of these that I completed as a Defiant gave me a lucky coin or a Hoard in the case of the Twisted: The Fall of the Icewatch.Do you have any additional details?
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