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soo what happens when multiple people in the same dungeon/raid upload their data wouldn't that ruin that %?or does it only count the person who actually gets the item?
The InstanceId should help with this as it's a pretty safe bet than any two mobs with the same instance id and NPC Id are in fact the same instance of that mob. The only disclaimer I'd put on that is that the instance id pool we use for NPCs gets reused between server restarts so a collision is possible in theory.
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Edit: Looking at your upload page, it seems Trion isn't including harvesting, artifacts etc with discovery logging? Just stuff dropped by mobs? Talk about a massive fail.
If harvested items don't show up, that's an oversight on my part. Will add this to the to-do list. Guild Bank had pretty much consumed all my time for the past couple months (the discovery log JUST missed making it into 1.2)
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