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Hi All! Character Transfers went live today in both North America and Europe, and you are all making good use of it! Players are transferring to their shards of choice, and sometimes a lot of players choose the same shard. We are seeing some queues, but those were expected due to the combination of character transfers and the huge new update. Over time, people with join the shards and people will leave the shards, so the allowed destination list is going to be dynamic. We are watching the queue levels as well as the current populations of both users and characters, but we don’t want to cut you off from your friends. Keep an eye on this thread and the Dev Tracker to see the announcements before they take effect. Remember
  • You can ALWAYS follow your guild, even if their new shard is no longer on the allowed transfer destination list
  • You can transfer FROM ANY shard
  • The allowed destination list is dynamic, and shards may be off the list today but back again later when the population balance changes
You can always see the most recent changes by looking at the following lists
Deepstrike will no longer be an allowed transfer destination as of 10:00pm PDT on 6/22/2011
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