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Greetings!Per usual we seek to keep you up to date on the top issues we're currently investigating, fixing, or have fixed with the latest RIFT update.Please note, this list may not contain every issue; however, we'll do our best to keep it as thorough as possible. Thanks for your feedback and reports to help us constantly improve RIFT!PLEASE NOTE: Chat windows and settings were reset intentionally as a result of improvements to the User Interface. This is not a bug but we apologize for the inconvenience.UNDER INVESTIGATION
  • Possible issue in which players see an increased number of trees and in areas where there should be none.
  • Abilities not saving to action bars after switching Roles
  • PvP Souls: Break Free not working when under the effects of certain crowd control abilities.
  • World Map appears black when zoomed out
  • Some characters with inappropriate names are unable to be transferred.
  • Whirling Charge Planar Essence: This item has been improperly assigned caster attributes instead of physical.
  • Guild banks are currently not enabled
  • Iron Pine Peak Dailies are not rewarding Plaques of the Mountaineer.
  • Gilded Prophecy: Uruluuk's summoned shrines currently cause players who target them to crash.
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