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Hi all, We are very pleased to be bringing free character and guild transfers with the next update. These transfers are the most recent step towards further optimization of our worlds so we can have even more people playing together on the same shard and in warfronts! A few weeks ago, we doubled the size of the wargroups allowing you to engage in warfronts faster and with more people! Last week we updated the hardware on all of our worlds to further increase our overall capacity. Now, with character and guild transfers, we’re taking the next step towards improving your play experience. Starting with the RIFT 1.3 Update – Waves of Madness, you will be able to transfer any of your eligible characters to selected shards every seven days … for free! Here’s a few key points you’ll need to know to get started:
  • For most shards, characters must be level 15 or higher and have no mail or auctions to transfer. There is no level limit on trial shards.
  • You can transfer FROM any shard.
  • If you are a guild leader, you will have the option to transfer your guild with you. (Guild members won't automatically transfer with you.) If you do, the folks you leave behind will be notified where the guild went so they can re-join the guild on the new shard. Characters who transfer to the new shard will automatically be re-joined to their guild at the recruit level.
  • Available destination shards will be determined by a combination of total population and current per-faction population. So you’ll see some shards available to transfer as a Defiant that you won’t see on a Guardian; and shards you’ll be able to transfer a Guardian to that you can’t transfer a Defiant to; and there will be lots of shards that any character can transfer to.
  • Some shards will be flagged as “Trial” shards. These shards are selected for use in future trial program events, such that we don't end up with large blasts of trial users taking up subscribers' slots, forcing subscribers to queue, as has happened in the past. Non-trial players will not be able to create characters on these shards and subscribers will be notified that they’re on a trial shard when they log in. Characters on Trial servers will be able to transfer off at any level!
Keep in mind that we will be monitoring the activity levels of all wargroups over the next few weeks and will be making adjustments to their composition as appropriate once the initial wave of transfers has settled out. Rest assured that there is more to come with further shard optimizations and new programs!* We want you to play with your friends and we’re constantly working towards new and better ways to allow more and more people to play together. We'll have a full step-by-step guide on how to transfer your character and guild tomorrow! For now, you can see which shards will be allowed destinations at these links: ~ Firecait Project Manager, RIFT
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