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would it not make sence to let ppl transfer to a any server, even the *locked* onse if and only if they have a higher level char there already?
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Can we transfer characters to a server we already have characters on?
At this point we are not allowing transfers to servers that are not designated transfer destinations if you have a character there already.
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This may be a stupid question. It's also likely misplaced. However...I want to transfer shards to a server with more PST players. How will we be able to keep track of which realms are EST dominant, which are PST dominant, etc? Do I just have to read their forums until I find a guild that doesn't raid at 5:00 Pacific, or is Trion going to provide some assistance with that?
We don't have any EST/PST designations on the shards. Character transfer is in to enable you to play with the people you want to .. that's why we're allowing each of your characters to transfer every 7 days! I know that may sound like a party line, but as someone who has paid other MMO companies a pretty penny to transfer around to find a good set of folks to play with, it's really cool!
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Any chance you guys open only 1 side to balance guardian/defiant on a server, or u just going like, this server has to many people already. Even if its 5:1 we lock it down?
One of the things we have been doing, and will continue to do, is to watch the faction balance on a per shard basis. Total server population is very important to us as well. We know you'd rather be on the server than waiting in a queue; we're going to be closely watching the per-faction population, the total population, and queue times as we define which shards are going to be allowed as transfer destinations.
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