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That's good to know about the timer, I didn't know there was one. However, when this happened to me the second time I hadn't been fighting him for very long, certainly not as long as I've fought other guys and completed the quest. I'm level 43 atm.
It is possible that the timer was not being reset between rounds as well - there were some tertiary issues that we also found and fixed, but it was over a month ago so details escape me at the moment. But the two big ones were accounting for most of the player-reported issues with this event. I can say that we have made a pretty comprehensive push between 1.2 and 1.3 to fix numerous player reported issues in Scarwood Reach, everything from major issues (the construct escort quest at the Spice Road wardstone or the Defiant quest "Taking the Reigns") to minor things like spelling errors. There is still more to be done, but 1.3 should address 90+% of issues that players have reported in Scarwood over the last 6 weeks using the in-game feedback tool. We don't respond directly to bugs reported through the in-game tool (you need to open a GM ticket if a direct response is called for), but we DO read and address them as we are able. P.S. - For the players who have reported problems with the quests in the Sagespire, I unfortunately did not get to those in time for the 1.3 patch, but will try to look into those quests soon. But those reports have not been ignored either.
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