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This will cause the game to freeze/crash at 10% when logging in. Seems the game waits for the function to end before continuing? Not exactly sure, wish there was a way to see the crash report.
Yes, any addon event will halt the game entirely until it completes. Don't write infinite loops in addon functions The crash is just a timeout point where it decides that the game has locked up.
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When reloading the ui in game I notice Event.Addon.Load.End triggers 3 times (maybe intended?).
It should trigger once for each addon that's being loaded. If that doesn't happen, it's a bug, but go count the addons you have loading first.
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I was curious if there's a proper way for us to test if the game is fully loaded yet so we could "initialize" our addons to prevent issues where data isn't available yet (not that we shouldn't already do this, but hopefully you know what I mean).
For various reasons this isn't really practical. The real solution is to be tolerant of things not being quite as loaded as you may want them to be. The player is an excellent example of this - you simply have to wait until the player is loaded, and you may have to deal with the player being unloaded unexpectedly for short periods of time. At some point there will be an event to let you know that specific unit descriptions have been loaded.
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Saboteur Traps aren't getting a currentCooldown and currentCooldownRemaining isn't being set until after the ability is cast (if they don't have the passive The Trapper which removes the cooldown). When a trap is hit in-game you can visually see the cooldown, however, it's not set in the list until after the 1 second casting is done. I'm assuming what should happen is similar to Soul Recall in that the currentCooldown and currentCooldownRemaining should be set at the start of casting, and if the casting is canceled both are removed.
This could indeed be a bug. We'll check it out.
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