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Definitely more clear, thank you!Is there an example where we would want or need to create more than one context? Since we can manipulate each frame with its own values, and SetParent() to an existing frame or the context, I can't think of a reason to create more than one context.
If you wanted to create multiple windows that behaved like existing UI windows, then you'd need to.Hypothetical situation: You're making a single addon that replaces both the crafting window and the auction house. The player has three windows open, layered in this order, front to back:Character sheetCrafting windowAuction houseThe player clicks on the auction house. The player expects windows to end up in this order:Auction houseCharacter sheetCrafting windowBut if the auction house and crafting window share a context, that's not possible, because a single context can't be split up "around" another UI window. So instead you getAuction house, crafting window)Character sheetWith two contexts you'd put the Auction House in one context and the Crafting Window in the other.Now, obviously a lot of this doesn't apply at the moment - you can't make generic windows, you can't change window ordering, and there's no way to see anything about non-addon UI elements. But that's the design intention, even if much of the implementation isn't complete.(Generic disclaimer: don't take anything in here as a promise about what features will be available or when they'll be showing up.)
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