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Layouts don't have any set members, so you'd get an error saying the function isn't defined (this is what I assume would happen, I haven't tried it). The way I think about it right now is I consider Context as the canvas, and Frames as layers to the canvas. So if you open say, Illustrator, you need to create a new file (a new canvas) to manipulate layers, otherwise you're staring at blank screen that you can't do anything with. So what's happening is we're given a layout (Illustrator) that we can't manipulate, so we need to create a new Context (canvas or file) that we can manipulate and add Frames (layers) to. While essentially Context and Frames are exactly the same, it's their constructors that make them different.
This is an accurate summary. And yes, UIParent doesn't have any Set members, you'll just get a failure to call nil if you try.
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