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The display of completed achievements in Whitefall Steppes is definitely not working for me. All of the achievements in my Achievements frame show incomplete though my score shows 60/180.
This is actually an oddity of how things are displayed in the achievement window it appears and some apparent terrible naming on my part. When you complete the achievement "Delivery" - which is currently return a single Sourcestone, it will be hidden as a sub achievement of Master Carrier which is unlocked. The terrible naming comes in as I named the achievement for returning 100 Sourcestone Master of Delivery instead of Master of Recovery - when the first achievement is called Recovery. I'll be fixing the terrible names today and pushing them out in the next hotfix. Recovery should be recovering Sourcestone. Master of Recovery should be recovering more Sourcestone. Carrier should be scoring with a sourcestone and Master Carrier should be scoring with more. Bleh! ~Daglar
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