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I had a chance to hop on the PTS today for the first time to take a peek at the framework of the addon API and it looks like it's coming along nicely. I'm also happy to see we've a nice core of people following it closely. I know one of the big things people wanted in the addon API for other games was the ability for addons to be able to communicate with the web. Obviously there are major security risks involved in a system that allows this, but I was wondering if there was any plan to implement something like that?
This is a very good detailed post on a subject I've thought about as well. I personally like the idea, but as you say, there are major potential security issues, and fleshing out the main API is much higher priority. We'd also have to seriously consider the possible effects on gameplay, which would be quite extensive.I plan to revisit this idea in detail later on, but right now it's very far down on the TODO list. And note that this is neither a guarantee that it will happen nor a guarantee that it won't - it's buried in the realm of "I don't know yet".
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