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Fortunately, the exmaple is not constrained by documented values. We can infer that "Context" is the type to pass for a context and that no parent means to level. We might have guessed those before, but it's nice to be reminded that people writing useful code are more reliable than people writing text *about* code, especially since the people hosting Lua aren't themselves writing in it.
There was a bit of a SNAFU there - while the UI.CreateContext and UI.CreateFrame documentation does exist, there's a bug preventing it from being displayed normally. I had to copy/paste it in manually and I kind of flubbed one of the pastes. UI.CreateContext takes a single parameter which is just a name, equivalent to UI.CreateFrame's name parameter. That's all. I'll probably modify the examples to not pass in "Context" as a name since that's moderately ambiguous.
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