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So they purposely matched PvP shards with PvE shards for warfronts then.
Your position has a lot of merit and a friend made similar remarks to me around launch.Matching server types complicates matters, particularly with the old maximum cluster size of 4. If you have 5 PvP shards, do you go 3 and 2 or throw one of them in with some PvE shards? Does PvP-RP go with the RP servers or PvP servers? What happens if a couple servers lose population or we add more servers?Player pool size is huge. You need a certain number of players to just get warfronts to pop after a reasonable wait. You need even more players to have enough room to have reasonable queues and not make a habit of throwing a bunch of solo and pair players into a blender of 5 man premades. With even more players you get room to do sophisticated matchmaking around gear, ranking, etc. Then consider off-peak hours...Some of this feeds back onto itself. If players are getting put into bad matches, then they are going to be less inclined to requeue, giving us less opportunity to make better matches.
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