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If this is in fact Trion's desire- in essence, to get feedback from the players... would it not be beneficial to delete forum accounts of unsubbed players? I mean, I understand that they may ultimately re-sub at a later time... but there is a large amount of the "trash" posting, coming from players who have, for whatever reason, decided not to continue on with the game.Wouldn't it be prudent to remove their ability to post? I mean, you can't be very constructive or objective when you've already made up your mind that the game isn't worth paying for, right?Personally, I love RIFT. It's an impressive piece of work, and I'd hate to see newer players get the wrong impressions by simply reading drivel that someone who just cancelled his/her sub because this isn't JUST like some other MMOs out there.
Players are no longer able to post after their playtime expires. There are many people who post that they cancelled when they never actually do - this is where you might see some false positives as well as those who still have time remaining on their account.We agree that it's important we get feedback only from those who understand the game in it's current state, while general feedback might be valid with the speed at which the game is constantly improving things change rapidly and specific feedback may be invalidated (or the fix they were asking for already implemented.)For example, we've been doing some fiddling and the following changes are going live tomorrow:LOOKING FOR GROUP* Tier 1 and Tier 2 Expert Dungeons should now more accurately assess if you meet the requirements for a certain role based on your unbuffed stats listed in your character sheet.*Random Looking For Group Daily Quests will now grant XP upon completion of the dungeon, enjoy!SOULS*Riftblade: Burst spells should now properly proc off of Warrior attack abilities.*Inquisitor: Sanction Heretic: Ranks 1-9 now properly apply the DoT portion. Truly, seriously.The SOUL changes are a direct result to feedback we received immediately after making the change, if it was not for those players who brought this to our attention immediately it's possible players would have to endure these bugs through a holiday weekend.The system works! (most of the time )
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