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The aggressive filter is fubared. I rolled an alt last night, said nothing in /tell at all. I emoted three times, I am a ROLEPLAYER...and my character got muted. I got to Freemarch and discovered that non of my roleplay friends could see my /tell, /em, /p, or chat channel responses. I am NOT a spammer. I have a level 49 character. I am an officer in a guild, a roleplay guild, and my little brand new alt got MUTED for roleplaying with THREE EMOTES!How is this better?
This stuff all tracked at the account level now, otherwise the spammers just create/delete level 1 characters all day. I haven't looked at the logs in your specific case, but usually someone's main says something that triggers the spam filter (made a change yesterday to remove the key word that usually caused this) or got reported by someone who isn't keen on guild recruitment spam.Sorry about the inconvenience.
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