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Will there be able to transfer to a server if you already have, say, a level 50 character there regardless of the server population? I really want to get my Cleric off of Carrion and on to Deepstrike, but Deepstrike is a pretty high population server. It would seem to me like a quite reasonable thing to do since that kind of transfer would not be upping the number of people playing on the sever, just the number of characters on the server, which anyone can do by rerolling. In addition the server already accounts for this with the throttling the number of people that can log in and the limit on the number of characters that each account can have on a server.
We understand the request - but due to the wide number of variables that come into play when we're looking at the scope of this request the best answer we have right now is, not at this time. Now it's entirely possible people in this situation will be able to have all their characters on a single shard (character slots permitting) so long as one of the shards is open for transfers. So the answer for your specific situation will be made clear when the feature goes live with 1.3 - hope that answers the questions, thanks!
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