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I wonder, is this thread even being read by the people that started it. i mean... a lot of people are pouring in ideas and come up with interesting addition (even if many are off topic - myself included), however i can't help but ask myself if this thread wasn't just created to give the RP community the illusion of interest after the wave of disapproval caused by the naming rules incident.
Yes. yes we are listening. And it's really meant to gather information. You guys have a lot of ideas, some of them very doable, some of them not so much. And while I tried to frame the scope of what we were thinking of doing, many people have some strong theories on what they would like to see out of the game. Some of it was something that we could do and have added to our plans, some of it was a bit out of scope. But it all helps to paint a picture of what you are looking for. So even if it's not something we'd be adding now, it's something we can keep in mind as we make new content.
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