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For this solution you will need Two Sound Devices OR a USB Headset (as they will appear as a sound device in Windows). GENERAL: 1. Click on Ventrilo SETUP Button 2. First Tab is VOICE 3. Select another audio device for the OUTPUT Device (ie Headset) 4. Select another audio device for the INPUT Device (ie Headset Microphone) 5. Save & Enjoy! Solution 1 - ANALOG Headsets
  • You will need two sound devices.
  • Most Motherboards come with some sort of RealTek sound device on-board. You can then use one for the Game's Output which will use the Windows Control Panel audio device settings. Use the other for your analog headset/earphones/microphone
Solution 2 - USB Headsets
  • A Dedicated USB Headset will provide it's own Audio Device.
  • Select the Headset as the OUTPUT and INPUT
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