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You're kidding right!? The whole Gates of Discord expansion, from my understanding, was designed around a level cap increase that never happened. This in turn resulted in content that was far too difficult for most guilds to defeat. Not to say that difficult is a bad thing, but the content, at least in Tacvi, was so ridiculously difficult, that no guilds were able to even finish the zone before Omens of War (when the level cap was raised) was released. There may have been 1 or 2 guilds world wide who did finish the zone, but from what I remember that happened VERY near the release of OOM. I only remember because I was in one of the guilds who wiped repeatedly...day after day in the zone. Personally, I'd say The Rathe encounter from the PoP expansion was my most favorite encounter. Talk about epic. Too bad we'll most likely never see encounters on this scale in any MMO again .
This is true - With the raise to level 70 the content became much more realistically challenging. We got past Uqua just before the release of Omens of War...but back in the day most raiding guilds didn't actually complete the content available until well after the release of an expansion. Still - even at level 70, the content remained very challenging and rewarding to complete
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