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Updated thread, here's the new list of Fix in Progress including last nights additions:
  • *NEW Improve Messaging/Tool Tips in LFG Tool - We're aware that some of the tool tips are too vague or too confusing, we're working to improve these so they better inform you and your group of the status of your party and requirements.
  • *NEW T1/T2 Dungeon Requirement Issues - We are working to simplify and streamline requirements for T1/T2 dungeons to prevent issues in which players are capable of completing the content but are unable to queue.
  • *NEW Selection Arrows missing from character creation - These UI elements were unintentionally removed and will be added back in to Character Creation.
  • Mouselook Issue - We're aware and working on resolving an issue causing framerate and performance drops when using Mouselook.
  • Teleporting into an Instance - On occasion players may be teleported to a spot in the physical world and cannot enter an instance. We're looking into why this is occuring and working on a fix for the issue.
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