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Issue: The arrows beside the sliders in character customization has been removed.This happened with the release of content patch 1.2, and in my understanding, was neither documented in the patch notes, or was requested to be removed in the past.This hinders some people's abilities to tune the characteristics of their characters in a more accurate manner by using the arrows to do so in a fixed and countable way.Please revert it back to the way it was, or explain why it as removed in the first place.Thank you.
I just looked and the sliders appear to function fine and all options appear to be available. I might not have ever used the arrows, do you mean they were to the left and right of the slider allowing you to incrementally click? I've just created a character as was able to easily customize the full range of features on him. If this is not the case could you please clarify, I'll look into seeing if we removed any UI elements from Character Creation as well.Thanks,
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