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Updated with the following fixes going live in tonight's Hot Fix:FIXED
  • Cannot Enter Instance - We have a fix on the way for the error some players receive when attempting to enter an instance: "A new instance of this map cannot be created."
  • Dungeon Queuing Issues - We are currently working to resolve issues in which a player is qualified to run Tier 1 or Tier 2 dungeons, however, the tool does not allow you to queue. This is an error in the process the tool uses to calculate your contributing stats and will be addressed. ***Please Note: We discovered the following bug - In order to queue for all of your roles available you will need to switch to each role once. Otherwise, the LFG Tool does not recognize your other available roles and will not allow you to queue as them even if qualified to do so. Additionally, Mages must have at least 33 points spent in Chloromancer at Level 50 to qualify as a healer in the LFG tool.
  • Quantum Sight/Omen Sight - The new quest offered in Meridian and Sanctum is not clear about instructing players to purchase the new ascended powers at the Planar Goods merchant. This is being clarified.
  • Crafting Quest "Workorder: Shadethorn Grip" - This 300 weaponsmith work order requests that you provide 4x Orichalcum Bars; however, the type of Orichalcum bar it requires is not a valid item in the game. We are correcting this error so the quest can be completed.
  • Runecrafting: Incandescent Calamitous Rune Recipe - This recipe incorrectly teaches you the recipe for Incandescent Devastating Rune, this issue will be corrected.
  • *UPDATED Queued Abilities - Currently the Main action bar does not display the queued ability indicator on the abilities border. However, this works correctly on other action bars
  • Diminishing Returns & Stormcallers - Currently some storm caller abilities which apply snares are causing players to be immune to the damage component of the ability. This is being corrected.
  • Warlord: Battlefield Awareness - Currently this ability has a much larger radius than intended. Use caution when using this ability for now as it can potentially pull large groups of mobs.
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