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Hey all,Stopping in real quick to address some feedback on the weekly crafting quests & crafting rifts. Udon will be popping in with more info on changes as we obtain feedback from live. That being said I want everyone to be aware of what we're currently watching forFirst off Eternal Dust is something we are watching closely. Players should see the supply for this increase over the next few weeks. We have singificantly increased the accessibility of the planar content that drops this since expert and raid rift openers can now be purchased. In addition Eternal dust drops pretty frequently off the new 50 crafting themed rifts as well. That being said if the supply still does not meet up with our expectations we will either reduce the cost for the opener recipe or possibly increase the rate in which eternal dust enters the world.On the Rift & Quest front we're continuing to watch the following
  • Reward quality / quantity from crafting themed rifts
  • Cost of creating crafting rift openers
  • Allowing players to do 1 weekly per tradeskill instead of 1 weekly for all tradeskills
As with any new feature your feedback is greatly appreciated! Thanks!-Gersh
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