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Any rational reason for the Eu not been updated the 10 May at 3am? because you known this is not a hotfix, some people must have to change almost all his builds and even some people make plans of how to use his time
The reason is entirely rational - By updating NA first at a time where we have a low percentage of concurrent users we are able to release the patch in the morning and resolve any unforseen issues before it is Prime Time (peak concurrent users) anywhere in the world and have our standard business day (that means with the entire staff in the office) to do it. We do not have the benefit of a full 8 hour business day when updating EU in the evening here meaning that it could take longer to resolve any problems that do arise if we do not have the proper staff on hand to resolve them. In the end updating NA first in some circumstances makes the experience better for everyone and avoids critical problems during the busiest hours of play (like right now in Europe) That said - we try to give both EU and NA their turn for receiving updates first, but in the end we will be practical and do what's best for the game and therefore you, the players. Thanks
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