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PYROMANCER * Burning Bonds: Using this will no longer cause a pet to stop attacking an enemy if the Pyromancer has the Unbreakable Bonds ability. * Ground of Strength: Now reduces damage received by 20% and reduces damage dealt by 10%. Now increases all magical resistances by 60, armor by 70%, makes the mage immune to crowd control abilities, and reduces damage dealt by the mage by 10%. This ability no longer has a chance to proc a stun. * Fire Storm: Will no longer award Charge if an ability that blocks Charge generation is active. Updated description. * Combust: Fixed an issue causing multiple stacks of the DoT effect to only deal the damage of one stack. This now works properly. * Cinder Burst and Fulminate can no longer be used within 5 seconds of each other. * Cinder Burst/Pyromancer's Armor: Fixed an issue where the damage from Cinder Burst would consume a Pyromancer's Armor proc incorrectly if the proc occurred after Cinder Burst was cast but before it landed on the enemy. Anyone know which is the final change? 20%/10% or armor/resist?
This was a double-paste by me, I'm clarifying the final version now and will edit shortly.
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