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Knives - you get what you pay for.Tongs - an extension of my hand that can go places I'd rather not.George Foreman - Because the champ makes cooking for 1 easier.After those 3 are out of the way I'm a sucker for a Crock Pot, Rice Cooker, and an Electric Kettle.But really, give me a knife and some tinfoil and I'll make a delicious meal over any heat source hot enough to cook on!
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Also, please if you do invest in a great knife set, learn how to maintain them. I have recently learned that honing them (the elongated round metal file-like tool that usually comes with sets) is NOT sharpening them but is just as important to do often than actually sharpening them once or so a year. It does make a difference and looks and sounds cool ~wink~
Good point - a knife is only as good as the person using it. Love your knives and they will love you - just make sure you use the steel, that elongated round metal file-like tool, properly - The wrong angle (needs to be 45 degrees or so) can make a good blade worthless!
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