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On my ranger the sounds are much better...however there are still some issues with a few abilities/spells. I am sure I have missed some but Shadow fire is very very muted...I can kinda hear the original sound of it but it is so muted that its not even worth the sound at all. Splinter shot makes no sound what so ever during casting. I still hear mining very very muted as well. Footsteps are really quiet, I recall in 1.0 when I would be running along on my character on a trail and then across a bridge or something for example I could hear a dramatic change in the foot step sound. It was one of the first things I noticed about the details of this game, and I loved it! So as far as I can tell rangers need the casting sounds of Shadow fire and splinter shot added/turned up whatever.
Thanks, good catches. We'll check 'em out.
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