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Sound is only partially fixed for me. On my Mage: Necrosis and Dark Touch now have casting sounds again. Revivify now makes the "sploosh" sound when I cast it located on my pet. Void Bolt's sound is still extremely muted. It seems to be about 90% lower than it should be. Soul Purge is acting weird. Both it and Void Bolt seem to have multiple components to their cast which are playing at the wrong volumes. When Void Bolt casts, there is a "harmonic" part at the cast, a "whoosh" when the bolt flies out and a sort of "gong!" when it hits. As of today, the harmonic is extremely quiet, the "whoosh" is extremely loud and the "gong!" on impact is now audible again, but at very low volume. Soul Purge is similar, the components are all out of gamut with each other. Also, across the board now the whole sound environment sounds extremely muffled, bassy and too reverbed out. I disabled Reverb in the game's sound settings which helped slightly, but the only way I can describe the audio as a whole is that the "let's make this all sound really intense" parts of the sound are really overpowering the actual sounds themselves. I'm not sure if this is due to many of the spell audio components being too low relative to the atmospheric parts of the sound, but at all times in combat it feels like I'm fighting inside a giant steel tank or a big dumpster or something. Again, for the record I'm on a calibrated, tuned and balanced 5.1 setup. I'm a bit of an audiophile; only reason I'm bringing it up is I can assure you my bass isn't turned up too high or something, and my speakers aren't set wrong. The weird audio "flavor" is specific to Rift. Hopefully this feedback is helpful. Also, I love the language filter on the forum. The sound I was trying to imitate textually above was "b o ng!", not "gong!". Heh.
Yes, very helpful as well as the previous couple of posts on the ability/spell sounds.
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