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Here's my overall assessment with hotfix #14. Overall, I think the sounds are headed in the right direction. They are crisper and some abilities are louder than before. However, I still notice a few issues. For example, the Bolt of Judgement and Radiance (on my Justicar) and Icicle (on my Stormcaller) are still faint compared to the other abilities. They are crisp and clear, just too soft. On my Assassin, I like the sound of the daggers swishing in the air; however, I am not really able to distinguish between abilities and I think the sfx is still too light. I think the combat music is either not there or intermittent, so not sure if it was intentional. A good improvement over 1.1, but still needs some additional work. Keep working on it, Trion. Thanks.
Good posts. Thanks. Ability/Spell sfx are at the top of our list. I really appreciate all the specific observations everyone is making. It makes it much easier for us to hear what you hear when we can call up specific souls, abilities, etc. and confirm that the problems are reproducible.
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