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We have said we're working on a dungeon finder, it was in an interview with Scott Hartsman in fact: http://www.riftwatchers.com/2011/03/...8Rift+Watchers
eremy: I know that it’s a work in progress, I’ve read the stuff on it. In your opinion, do you think [the LFD tool] will be server only or cross-server? Scott: When we go out, whatever we do first is going to be server-only, you know; it’s going to be single-server, and we’ll see how it works. Here’s what I’d rather do: I’d rather launch something and try to keep it single-server – and again, I’m talking a real Looking For Group system, not only Looking For Dungeon. Like, “I want to find dude to help my with whatever-arbitrary-noun” whether that’s a dungeon, or a rift, or whatever – and so I’d rather we start with that and see how it works, because you can always add cross-server later, as opposed to going cross-server first and then having it take too long.
And Server Transfers are a work in progress, we're always keeping a close eye on server population but we don't want to upset the balance either: http://rift.zam.com/story.html?story=25635&storypage=2
ZAM: What's the status on server transfers? Hartsman: We actually just rolled out the first part of the back-end tech for that in the 1.01 update. We don't have full server transfers yet. We're going to keep an eye on the queues a little bit and we're going to see if there are places we can target specific servers to offer some moves off to lighter servers. We'll see how that works. The vast majority of times are zero, but even on servers that do have queues, other than one or two servers, it's down to minutes. I'm not too worried, but we'll probably have people taking us up on the offer.
The info is out there, unfortunately there's many more of you than are us and understandably this can sometimes be hard to find - thanks!
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