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I wanted to stop by and give a quick update on Malformed & Corrupted souls, and which fixes are in progress to help with the rate of earning these items. Dungeons are one way of aquiring these items, but at the same time we want a path in which playing RIFT content opens up access to additional RIFT content. So Malformed and Corrupted souls should have also been dropping off the appropriate high level rift content. Currently on live this is not the case and the team is working to remedy that issue ASAP. Ultimately players should be able to obtain these items from more locations then just dungeons Malformed Souls
  • Tier 1 End Dungeon Bosses (Common)
  • Level 50 Rifts (rare)
  • Shimmersand, Ironpine, and Stillmoor Colossi Events (uncommon)
Corrupted Souls
  • Tier 2 End Dungeon Bosses (Common)
  • Expert Rifts (Common)
  • Shimmersand, Ironpine, and Stillmoor Colossi Events (rare)
  • Shimmersand, Ironpine, and Stillmoor Zone Events (uncommon)
After we get these items fixed on LIVE we will continue to watch the drop rate for these items, as well as the rate in which the content is being spawned and completed. Ultimately we want this content to be accessible, but not trivially common. Thanks, -Gersh
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