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CrazyChester can you please looking into the Music/Audio of the Sanctum and please have something in a loop. Music/Audio makes a huge difference and personally I think the Sanctum needs some type of music playing in loop. The music is great but it stops after seconds and makes the atmosphere seem boring.Thanks.
Thanks for the suggestion. I'll look at it. As many of you have noticed, we have generally avoided looping music in all the Zones. In a world where hours are spent, our feeling is that no matter how great the loop, constant music will get old after many many hearings. The music is intended to be part of the whole audio experience in terms of mood, drama and psychology, as well as to score events. We want it to be something that never gets tiresome to the point where players will turn it off and play itunes instead. We tried to create something that is rarely the same way twice, even though you'll become familiar with melodic elements that come in and out of the audio texture. With Sanctum, the idea is to create a place where the music fades in and out of the ambience in such a way to promote solemnity and quiet introspection. The ambience is full of many subtle details; distant footsteps, whispering, clothes rustling, etc. The music evokes the spiritual nature of the Guardians.
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