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There is also a quest in IPP named Anthem of Ice and Fire or something to that effect, another clear reference.
"A Hymn of Frost and Flame" I actually came up with the quest name last summer, never got a chance to use it then but saved it on a post-it note, and when I went back to the Marshal Kain quest line I finally got to use it in a way that at least made a little sense.
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As long as the thread has been hijacked to expound on favourite fantasy theories, I have to toss Elizabeth Moon's The Deed of Paksenarian trilogy into the ring.
I would agree. The Paksenarion books after the original trilogy seemed a lot weaker to me, but the initial trilogy I loved and read many times. I read a few of Moon's scifi books, but couldn't stand them. I finally gave up on Moon after feeling like I had sludged through enough of her scifi. I noticed a few months ago that she finally released a new Paksenaion book. I do plan to check it out.
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I know everyone knows Suzanne Vega for "Luka" (and to a lesser degree, DNA's remix of "Tom's Diner"), but she's really quite a brilliant singer/songwriter. I recommend folks listen to her 99.9 album. It is fantastic.
I used to be a REALLY big Suzanne Vega fan, but I sort of lost the thread of her music after "Songs In Red And Gray". I still love her earlier work, but I basically drifted away from the music she was doing, so I stopped following her newer stuff years ago. As far as other writers, I enjoy some of Guy Gavriel Kay as well, even though most of it is fantasy reskin of historical fiction. I also love David Drake's "Hammer's Slammers" books - I know the name sounds childish, but he is a master of military scifi. Some may recognize quest names in Scarwood as being from Slammer stories. I read less fiction now than I once did, most of my reading time being consumed by non-fiction subject such as Roman history (shocking given my forum handle, I know!). I should probably nudge one of the forum mods to move this thread to Off-topic, as much as I am enjoying the hijack.
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