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CrazyChester, why the change to melee sounds anyway? What was wrong with them before and what was Trion intending to accomplish with the change?
Don't want to get into a long explanation here. Let me just say that there was a fair amount of criticism before 1.0 as well which we responded to by applying less compression on the overall mix - a big criticism being that the game sounded flat. One of the things compression does is make all the sounds at more or less the same volume. In some ways, this makes them clearer. It's why TV commercials always sound so much louder than the shows. The downside is that you lose dynamic range. In our case, that meant, for example, when you encounter a big threatening creature, it sounds just as loud as the little squirrel running by. This causes the creature to sound much weaker in comparison. Although the mix has "opened up" to the point where many more details of all aspects of Telara's sound world are more audible, several combat sounds were adversely affected (as many of you have astutely pointed out). We are working on theses as I write this. FWIW, our audio group, like the rest of the team here is top notch. I've personally been making games for 20+ years and have never worked with more talented, intelligent or dedicated people who care deeply about providing not only a great audio experience but truly making the game come alive. Keep the comments coming, positive or negative - you guys are our bread and butter - we really do care what you think (and I'm not being coy )
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