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Yeah I think people were confused about technical sound issues and actual issues with crappy, not faulty sound. I agree, the sound of this game to me absolutely clinched it as a better game than WoW, but after 1.1, my like of this game has steadily diminished due to the poor sound output. I've been trawling this thread for definitive answers from Trion but I think they are either confused as to what the actual problem is or they are trying to fix it and been too busy to come up with a proper response to the feedback received, or they just don't care and they are willing to lose a few players who don't think the sound cuts it anymore. I'm hoping it's the prior rather than the latter. I would hate to have to give up this game because of poor feedback, and I'm sure this is a sentiment shared by many others.
The former, not the latter. It's a balancing act.
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