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I don't like the way Trion tries to blame our operating systems, like it's on our end. I doubt it's to do with us. It was fine till the patch. My sound is good for every other game I've got, so it's just them. Trion should own up that they don't seem to know what they are doing or are deaf or don't test anything. There's only so long I can stand and put up with crappy sound, I'll give them a bit of time to fix it, soon Iam going overseas on holiday for a while. If it's still not fixed by the time I get back, I'll definitely be leaving as I wont put up with substandard quality. As there are plenty of good games that would deserve my Dollars more.
For the record, no one is blaming the OS. I mentioned audio setups in regards to the 5.1/stereo problem mentioned earlier, not the OS. (don't want to see this thread get off track . I'm sure you all are quite savvy in terms of that!
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