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I am really hoping this is a bug, and I can't see what else it could be. I have only one out of three computers in the house doing it... unfortunately it's the only computer I actually play the game on. I do not see this as some feature added or sounds reverted, it has to be a mistake and I really wish I knew what was going on with it and if a fix is on the horizon. I am seriously holding back on having any new experiences in game until it's resolved because it cuts my enjoyment by way more than half. The issue seems to only be in combat and I don't think it's class related. I'm a cleric and it is happening to me too. The combat music (which is amazing and dynamic and why this has me so depressed) is very muted and distant and all spells and abilities are washed out and sound very far away. It's like I'm fighting under water. But the worst part of it is that the weapon impact sounds are normal volume, so combat is nothing but a series of percussive whumps and thunks with the occasional ear-rending clang. I notice that when recording video with the new CTRL-Y thing, that my video actually sounds right, so it's something ingame going wonky. Even if it's something on our end, I would be happy to fix it myself but I have tried everything short of buying a soundcard. Anyway, thought I'd throw in my two cents and try to explain what I'm hearing (and not hearing). I look forward to the fix for this because it really does affect gameplay. I'm not certain I would have continued playing if these are the sounds I got when I started, but I know that they're so much better. I just hate to imagine all the potential players who don't know any better not giving the game a chance because of a bug.
Great input and observations. We have been able to replicate this and you are correct, the sounds themselves really haven't changed. Part of it is windows sound settings (5.1 vs. Stereo), part of it is soundcard, part is speakers, part is the in-game audio engine, part is the sounds themselves. (I have three different speaker setups and the game sounds very different on all three and different still on headphones). We are continually evolving the mix to try and accommodate a variety of situations from one-on-one battles, to Zone Events with hundreds of players all wailing away, to Rifts with 50 people and 30 Mobs, etc. It's one of the coolest things about game audio (as opposed to movies, tv or other non-interactive media) - it is constantly changing and rarely predictable.
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