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MissDoomCookie wrote: The city falls and Zareph is lost, sacrificing himself to seal the evil inside. I was re-reading my quests from the first visit to Meridian. This was the reply after Sylver Valis is shot down by Asha. ".... we-can't-stop-talking-about-him-even-though-he's-probably-dead"..... "If he's still alive somewhere." SO... do the general population not know he is dead. or is "Zareph is Lost" meant to be a little bit tricky... as in he COULD be alive, but no one has heard from him.
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Haha, thanks for posting. The initial timeline and the discussions that followed (sort of) helped clear up a lot of my Rift Lore confusion. So... the Guardians died initially during the Blood Invasion, and then were brought back for the Shade war, right? /scratches head
No, the Guardians died in the Mathosian Civil War. They were first resurrected on the battlefield to fight Aedraxis and then some (Cyril/Shyla/Borrin/a few other significant NPCs) stayed, while others went to the Vigil to receive a prophecy and then returned 20 years later (players). What you are confusing them with is the souls you equip. Those heroes (the original pyromancer, wardlord, etc, etc) all died in the Blood Storm Wars.
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