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Weve heard you asking for it and now its here! Patch 1.1 brings the ability to capture video and upload it straight to YouTube from in-game! No more messing with third party programs, or wasting hours waiting for your videos to process you can do it all from the RIFT interface. Just follow these easy steps to get started:
  • Log into RIFT on the character you would like to use for your video
  • Hit ESC to open the Main Menu, go to Settings -> Video -> Record Video."
  • Click the Login button and enter your YouTube credentials
It should look something like this: Attachment 4415 Once youre logged in, just type /record or hit CTRL+Y to start recording . Youll see a little red icon by the mini-map to let you know youre doin it right (mousing over the icon will let you see the name of the clip, and how long youve been recording). Attachment 4413 To stop recording, just type /record or CTRL+Y one more time and the red icon will change to blue to let you know that its being encoded. Attachment 4414 When your video has been encoded, the blue icon will be replaced by a check mark, which you can click to name the clip and send it to your YouTube channel. Attachment 4416 Whether its invasions, boss fights, or just your avatar struttin their stuff on the /dance floor, get out there and start filming your characters adventures in Telara! Also, wed love to have you share your videos with us, so be sure to upload or link them to the RIFT page on Facebook, or tweet them to us (@RIFTGame) with the hashtag #RIFTVid well be reposting and retweeting some of our favorites. We cant wait to see your RIFT videos!
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