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But the thing thats going to in my opinion completely ruin PvP is the mages ability to get casts off even if you LOS them because their skills will only check for LOS at the start of the cast...all of the dev's should be fired for coming up with this stupid idea. LOS'ing a caster is a very valid skill (i.e. using terrain/moving behind the caster) its little things like being able to do this that set the good pvp'ers away from the norm. I am most dissapointed about this change.
You can still LOS a spell, we have only removed the second caster facing requirment (Target must be in front of caster). Mainly to tune for the fact that Melee characters walked back and forth into and out of casters just to break facing while still being able to land attacks of their own.You can still use line of sight blocking objects to break a casters LOS, you just can't jitter step back and forth through that character for an advantage.As with any change we want to see how this balancing things out, if it tips the scales too far in the other direction we will look to adjust accordingly-Gersh
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