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Hey all,The devs behind the Ancient Wardstones wanted to share some information, thanks for your feedback!This is a system that were continuing to work on and make more transparent to the player. For those of you who are not aware, heres a quick breakdown of the way it works:
  1. Scarlet Gorge, Scarwood Reach, and (as of patch 1.1) Droughtlands contain Ancient Wardstones throughout the zone. These are intentionally placed in hard-to-find places to encourage zone exploration.
  2. You can use one of your Activate Ancient Wardstone ascended power to claim the wardstone for your faction. If you dont have this ability yet, you can get it via a quest in Scarlet Gorge at either Old Mule Run (Defiant) or Overwatch (Guardian).
  3. When you activate an Ancient Wardstone, you will either be offered a scene quest (active for anyone of your faction within the same scene) or a quest giver will appear and offer a daily quest.
  4. The first time you do one of the daily quests, you will be offered one of the blue sourcestone currencies as a reward. Subsequent completions will award planarite.
  5. If a single faction controls all Ancient Wardstones in a zone, then the beast will be spawned. The location is determined by which faction controls the wardstones. Note that this creature functions like a colossus from an invasion. You do not have to tag it in order to get the rewards. However, the beast cannot be spawned more than once every 20 hours. This is to prevent a single group from farming it for the epic loot drops.
  6. Yes, it can drop epic loot.
Patch 1.1 will feature some UI improvements to the system:
  1. The beast will appear on your main map and minimap when spawned, making it easier to find and kill.
  2. Ancient Wardstones controlled by your own faction will display on your map.
  3. Your quest tracker will display a notification when the Ancient Wardstone that gave the quest is either under attack or destroyed, alerting you to the fact that your quest is in danger.
  4. Your map will display the marker that indicates where to turn in your quest, even if the Ancient Wardstone is not currently under your control.
For the future, we plan to give you ability to monitor the status of Ancient Wardstones in a zone by displaying a tooltip that shows how many are controlled by each faction, and how long before the beast can be spawned again.
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