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Fourth, even though it is not directly related to the title of Sir or Dame, there has also been some question about the essence rewards of Necrotic Rage or Necrotic Semblance. These are also rewards related to the Marshal Kain story (and as such, are Guardian only rewards as well) and are given sometimes after the completion of the Iron Pine Peak arc of the Marshal Kain story. I say sometimes because the conditions under which we sent the essence were a bit convoluted and the net result was that a player could easily block themselves from getting this reward depending on where they went after Iron Pine (mainly, going to Stillmoor before Shimmersand would prevent the player from getting this mail). We were unsatisfied with the result of this, and I recently made some changes there as well. When this change goes Live, any player that has completed the Iron Pine arc of Marshal Kain's story will be offered a quest to get one of these essences from Sergeant Coda in Thalin Tor if they have not already been sent the mail from Sir Martyn Myrsol. These changes still need to be tested and verified before being scheduled for going Live, so I do not know what the timeframe is for rolling out these changes onto the servers.
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