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Greetings!We're pleased to present the first pass of notes for the upcoming changes in the RIFT 1.1 Update. 1.1 brings with it many changes; however, as these changes are currently up on Alpha they are subject to constant change.We appreciate your feedback and encourage you to see them for yourself on the Alpha Server!
== FEATURED ==* The Endless Court Event? Yeah, they're all up in your Telara, killing your mans. Not cool.* You can now report AFK teammates in a Warfront. Check out PVP/WARFONTS for more.* The 'I'm Stuck' button or falling through the world in a Warfront no longer results in a Deserter debuff!* Rift events no longer track player contribution against other players. See below under RIFTS AND INVASIONS for more details.* Many quest fixes below under individual ZONES.GENERAL GAMEPLAY* All artifact nodes now have a consistent 1.5 second gathering time.* You can now accept a quest on behalf of your guild even if your personal quest log is full.* Angelic Flight and Mighty Leap will not interrupt movement when used (auto-run or holding down a movement key).* Server Announcements now stay on-screen for twice as long.* Exposed now reduces movement speed by 6% per stack, rather than increasing damage taken.* New fancy appearances are in progress for the Epic Namjok, Yarnosaur, and Vaiyuu mounts.* Fix for quickly opening a series of clickable loot (such as geodes for gems) with auto-loot that would occasionally result in lost items.RIFTS AND INVASIONS* Rift events no longer track player contribution against other players. You are checked for participation in the event and given rewards appropriately. It's still important to participate in as many stages of a Rift or event as possible to receive the best rewards.* Tweaked cooldown times between zone events.ASCENDED POWERS* Planar Charges are no longer consumed immediately when starting to cast an ability. They are consumed when the effect actually takes place -- no more wasted charges on an interrupted cast.CULT SAGA* Epic quests now award Achievements and titles at key advancement points. These are granted retroactively so if you already completed portions (or all!) of the epic questline, you will receive these on login.GUILD PERKS* Killing Spree and Blood Thirsty use the proper perk tokens now.* The following perks will now properly show the description/tooltip values associated with them: Lucky Penny, Call of the Ascended, Journeyman, Foe Hunter, Cache Finder, and Rift Extraction.* Journeyman no longer always shows in the buff bar.
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