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COMBAT* Updated the tooltip description text for Attack Power and Spell Power in the character sheet.* Effects subject to diminishing returns will now also use diminished durations on player pets.* 'Immune' scrolling combat text no longer appears on characters in stealth.* Player tracking abilities no longer proc trinket effects.SOULS* Warriors: The following abilities have been changed to fix an issue where the character could use them and die before they actually triggered, making it seem like they missed: Touch of Life, Master of the Abyss, No Permission to Die, Rift Shield, and Predictable Movements.* Warriors: Taunts now continue cooldown timers while logged out.* Mages: Reduced pushback on all non-healing Mage spells.* Mages: Increased the base damage on all damaging Mage abilities.* Clerics: All cleric Cleanses should now properly remove associated effects.* PvP Souls: The cooldown for Break Free has been reduced to 2 minutes. Improved Break Free now reduces the cooldown by 10 seconds per point spent.ARCHON* Exhilaration: Now only triggers on damaging or healing Critical Hits. Mana procs will appear correctly in the combat log. * Burning Purpose: The damage proc can now only occur a maximum of once every 1.5 seconds. Fixed an issue so that the damage proc is only affected by buffs active on the caster at the time it is triggered. Updated description on this ability to reflect current functionality.* Ashen Defense: No longer counts as a mage armor buff and will stack with other mage armors.* Procs from Surging Flare, Volcanic Bomb, and Earthen Barrage now affect allies within 35 meters of the caster.* Consuming Flames: Now a 6-point root ability. No longer deals damage to the caster and can be cast on yourself as well as other friendly targets. Now absorbs a set amount of damage and has multiple ranks.* Power In Numbers: Corrected the second rank so it will affect aura buffs.BARD* Due to the below changes, characters with points spent in Bard have received a free soul point respec.* Invigorated Soul, Coda of Restoration: Now affects up to 5 targets.* Using Verse of Fascination or Verse of Captivation now turns off auto-attack, since these effects break on damage.* Motif of Tenacity: Now unlocked at 12 points.* Anthem of Defiance: Now unlocked at 18 points.* Motif of Regeneration: Now unlocked at 24 points. Now casts on the Bard and heals up to 10 raid or group members nearby with each tick.* Anthem of Fervor: Fixed tooltip so the cost reduction is shown correctly when points are spent in Street Performer. Also fixed the cost reduction not being applied correctly to raid members when points are spent in Street Performer.BEASTMASTER* Flesh Rip: Will now properly show up in the reactive ability UI when your pet critically hits. Fixed an issue where this was gaining weapon damage to each tick of the bleed effect. Base damage reduced.* Backhanded Blow: Now correctly triggers global cooldown. Fixed a bug causing Rank 3 to do 20% more damage than intended. Base damage reduced. Corrected Power cost on ranks 2 through 8 to cost the proper 25 Power.* Slashing Strike: Fixed a bug where this ability was doing the damage of a single target ability. The damage has been reduced to match other cleave-style abilities.* Fight as One: The benefits gained from Fight as One have been reduced to 5-15% for Hit, Critical Hit, and Damage. This ability has been taken off of global cooldown.* Diversion Strike: Increases Critical Hit chance of the Beastmaster and their pet by 5% instead of 10%. Damage lowered.* Tenacious Wounds: Now increases bleed damage by 2-4% instead of 3-6%.* Feral Sweep: Resolved a bug where this was dealing extra damage on each tick of the Bleed effect. Base damage lowered.* Tearing Slash, Fierce Strike: Damage lowered.BLADEDANCER* Combat Culmination: Ability will not break stealth when it triggers.CABALIST* Nebulous Haze: Now increases cast time by the 20% advertised on the tooltip.* Decay: Lurking Decay will now always trigger, even if Obliterate or Tyranny kills the enemy outright.CHAMPION* Debilitating Strike: Made the tooltip for the debuff from this ability more clear.* Titan's Strike: Damage has been lowered and the stun has been reduced to 1-3 seconds, down from 1-5 seconds.* Mark of Extermination and Mark of Inevitability: Will now cause the target to attack.CHLOROMANCER* Withering Vines: Increased the amount healed.* Livegiving Veil: Now affects up to 5 targets.* Radiant Spores: Now has a base chance to proc of 10%.* Phytogenesis: Now increases the chance for Radiant Spores to proc by 2-6%.DOMINATOR* Priest's Lament: The primary debuff on this ability is no longer affected by diminishing returns. The silence proc debuff is still affected.* Haunting Pain: Will only trigger on the first tick of damage from a damage shield.DRUID* Trickster Spirit, Slothful Spirit, Spiteful Spirit: Reduced the damage to better account for the attached debuffs.* Fury of the Fae: Now a pet-cast buff that increases the group/raid's Attack Power and Spell Power for 30 seconds with a 10 second cooldown. Shares stacking with Bard's Motif of Bravery.* Satyr: Increased the ratio of the owner's Spell Power converted into the Satyr's Attack Power.ELEMENTALIST* Intensify Elements: No longer on the global cooldown.INFILTRATOR [PvP]* Due to the below changes, characters with points spent in Infiltrator will receive a free soul point respec.* Cloudy Poison: Ability should not break stealth when used. The debuff from this is now cleansable.* Murderous Thoughts: Now requires Prestige Rank 3. Now increases all damage against players by 3-6%.* Knock Knock: Now requires Prestige Rank 2. Increases critical damage against players by 2-10%.INQUISITOR* Fanaticism: No longer consumed by Shroud of Agony.* Purge: No longer unintentionally removes debuffs that are caused by buffs (ex: the debuff from Battlefield Distraction).* Shroud of Agony: No longer triggers on falling damage.JUSTICAR* Reparation: Now affects up to 5 targets.NECROMANCER* Empty the Crypts: Charge can now be gained while this is active. The pets summoned by Empty the Crypts can be active for a maximum of 20 seconds.* Lich Form: Will no longer consume buffs that reduce the casting time of your next spell.NIGHTBLADE* Scourge of Darkness: Can no longer miss, be parried, dodged, or blocked.PALADIN* Touch of Life: Now continues cooldown timer on logout.* Balance of Power: Now deals 25-75% of weapon damage.* Aegis of Salvation: Ranks 1 and 2 have their cooldowns changed to 1.5 seconds to match with other buffs.* Reverent Protection: Now only affects up to 5 targets, and range increased from 10 meters to 35 meters.PARAGON* Strike Like Iron: Ability is no longer on the global cooldown. Increased from a 10-30% damage buff up to a 16-48% damage buff, with the value doubled for follow-up attacks.* Death Touch: Due to the Strike Like Iron changes, damage of Death Touch has been lowered.* Force of Will: Due to the Strike Like Iron changes, damage bonus to follow-up attacks from Force of Will has been reduced from 20 per point to 10 per point.* Path of the Wind, Path of the Raptor: Now have cooldowns of 6 seconds and a slight increase in damage due to the longer reuse time.* Dual Strike: Fixed a bug causing this to do less damage than intended - as a result, damage from this ability has increased.* Deadly Grace: Increased from 7% of Dual Strike damage per point to 9% Dual Strike damage per point.* Weapon Master: Increased from a 4-20% chance to gain a second attack point up to a 10-50% chance.* Rising Waterfall: Damage increased.* Turn the Blade: Damage increased.* Flurry: Damage lowered.PURIFIER* Shield of the Ancestors and related buffs now appear in the combat log.* Caregiver's Blessing: No longer procs off of procced heals.* Surging Flames: Now converts 50% of overhealing.* Divine Cascade: Reduced Spell Power contribution. Now has a stack size of 1 per caster instead of 1 total, but only triggers when target is healed by the caster rather than anyone. * Spirit Rupture: Fixed the contribution from Spell Power.PYROMANCER* Due to the below changes, characters with points spent in Pyromancer have received a free soul point respec.* Heat Wave: Reduced cooldown to 2 minutes.* Inferno: Removed from global cooldown.* Improved Grounding: Now a tier 2 branch ability.* Improved Smoldering Power: Now a tier 3 branch ability. * Ground of Power: Now obtained at 6 points.* Smoldering Power: Now obtained at 8 points.* Burning Shield - New Ability: Consumes the mage's Ground spell to shield them in flames, absorbing damage. Lasts up to 30 seconds. While Burning Shield is active, the next Ground spell is instant-cast. Obtained at 6 points.RANGER* Escape Artist: Fixed a bug where the improved version was not causing the pet to be immune to Root, Snare, and Stun.REAVER* Due to the below changes, characters with soul points spent in Reaver will receive a free soul point respec.* Soul Sickness, Flesh Rot, Necrotic Wounds, Blood Fever: The damage on additional targets when using Plague Bringer has been lowered. The Threat generation has been increased to keep overall threat gain of the abilities the same.* Crippling Infestation: Moves down one tier to unlock at 21 points.* Wasting Away: Moves down one tier to unlock at 16 points.* Grisly Works: Moves up two tiers, now unlocked at 26 points. Now increases the healing of Soul Feast by 30-90% for 15 seconds after killing a target the Reaver has engaged.* Soul Devour: Now increases the damage of Soul Feast by 50%, instead of 150%.* Power from the Masses: Changed to give a stack per nearby party/raid member rather than per nearby enemy.* Infestation: Cooldown increased to 1 minute, and damage increased based on the new cooldown.RIFTBLADE* Earth Burst: Now properly interrupts elites and other high level mobs.* Avatar of Wind: Fixed a bug causing the tooltip of this ability to report improper values.* Rift Surge: Can now be removed with abilities that remove Curses. Now has a 30 second cooldown instead of 10 seconds and is no longer adjusted by Attack Power.* Flamespear: Now has a cooldown of 6 seconds and has its damage slightly increased to reflect the longer cooldown.* Burning Blood: Now deals damage based on 10-30% of the character's Strength.RIFTSTALKER* Memory Capture: Ability should no longer get you stuck in collision or falling through the world.* Rift Scavenger: Ability will not break stealth when it triggers.* Removed internal cooldown from Defer Death and Scatter the Shadows. Both abilities should be more responsive now.* Hasted Time: Fixed a bug with the second point spent in this ability gave an incorrect movement speed buff.SABOTEUR* Due to the below changes, characters with points spent in Saboteur will receive a free soul point respec.* Undetonated Spike Charge and Blast Charge will not cause stealth to break when the charges expire.* Shrapnel Charge: Will now fire off its AoE effects on surrounding enemies when the main target is killed by Detonate damage.* Reduced the range of all Bombs and Charges to 15 meters, down from 20 meters.* Reduced the range of Detonate to 15 meters, down from 20 meters.* Long Range Bombing: Now increases the range you can hurl Bombs by 1-5 meters, down from 2-10 meters.* Remote Clipping: Now increases the range of your Charges and Detonates by 1-5 meters, down from 2-10 meters.* The outcome and damage of each charge is now calculated individually. When you detonate 5 Blast Charges, you will see 5 damage numbers, each with its own chance to critically hit, rather than one large number.* Improved Blast Charge: Fixed a bug where the armor penetration provided was higher than 25-50%.* Charge Booster: Redesigned to an active ability rather than a passive. When activated, the damage of your Charges is increased by 50% when detonated. This ability does not trigger global cooldown and is on a 1.5 minute cooldown.SENTINEL* Vigilance: Now triggers more consistently.* Serendipity: Now properly affects heals that are queued immediately after being triggered.SHAMAN* Strike of the Maelstrom: Rank 1 is no longer unintentionally affected by Stormborn.* Glacial Shield: Ranks 2 and up now work properly with overwrites of similar abilities - Shield of Oak can overwrite Glacial Shield, and vice versa.* Lust for Blood: Fixed tooltip to more accurately describe functionality.* Ageless Ice: Description now properly mentions that it does not trigger a global cooldown.STORMCALLER* Static Discharge: No longer on global cooldown.* Static Flux: Will no longer be overwritten by weaker buffs.* Cloudburst: Increased damage.* Icy Vortex - New Ability: Reduces damage done to the Mage by 25% for 10 seconds and applies Hypothermia to attacking enemies, reducing their movement speed by 50% for 10 seconds. Obtained at 6 points.VINDICATOR [PvP]* Due to the below changes, characters with points spent in Vindicator will receive a free soul point respec.* Dangerous Game: Now requires Prestige Rank 3. Fixed a bug that only increased damage on critical hits. Now increases all damage (not just physical) against players by 3-6%.* Resilient: No longer has a Prestige Rank requirement. Fixed a bug that only reduced critical chance received by 6%. Now reduces chance to be critically hit by players by 3-15%.VOID KNIGHT* Rift Shield: Corrected a bug causing Rift Shield to absorb too much damage. It will now absorb an amount more in line with other absorption shields in the game.WARDEN* Tidal Resonance: No longer consumed by actions that are not Heal Over Time spells.* Track Water Creatures: Wardens can now use this ability to track creatures from Water Rifts.* Well of Life: Now has a 35 meter range.WARLOCK* Neddra's Might: No longer requires a target to cast.* Neddra's Torture: Reduced cooldown to 20 seconds.WARLORD* Call to Battle: Fixed buff tooltip to report a straight value rather than a percentage.
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