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ZONES* The artifact set, 'Ancient Eth Tablets', included two different items with the same name. One has now been corrected to Scuffed Tablet Fragment.* Fixed many minor typos in quest and NPC text.DROUGHTLANDS* Ancient Wardstones have been uncovered in Droughtlands! A dangerous land just got more dangerous-er. Beware the beast that lies within the ruins of Eth - Skirathos, the Eye of Fate!* Nowhere to Run: Fixed an issue that could cause the kobolds to not show up and attack.* Sothul's Demise: Sothul now respawns faster.* A Fall Tale: Anontok's Notes' description now shows the level requirement to use the item.* Lecu the Claw: This cat is now almost as vicious as my cat.* The Biggest Void: Netharius is now more nefarious.* Additional variety and difficulty pass was made on Droughtlands named mobs.FREEMARCH* The Tech is Mightier than the Sword: Jakub will no longer sucker-punch players or their pets during this quest.* Zone event Shadestones can now be used for pickup by multiple people at once.* Tete-a-Tete: The faction-change effect during this quest now makes you friendly to Life Rifts as well as the surrounding Aelfwar.* I Heard a Storm Was Coming: Doubled the duration of the swim speed buff.* Man v Mandible: Increased the drop rate of mandibles.* Durgin the Keeper: Durgin now respawns much more quickly.GLOAMWOOD* A Burgher with Lies is now less disruptive to players not also on the quest.* The Toxic Source: Re-ordered the quest rewards so they are displayed more consistently with other quests.IRON PINE PEAKS* A Hymn of Frost and Flame: All party members can now loot the Redsnow Communique.* Dabbling in the Forbidden: Tweaked quest so it should update consistently.* Conquered Minds, Imprisoned Minds: Fixed an issue causing these quests to reset too often.* Deepmoss Lurkers are no longer skinnable and do not give experience.* Dagda Skullthumper, the Redsnow Bandit, should no longer return to life instantly when slain!* Cloudbourne Ice Necklace: Dominance of the Soul debuff correctly affects Armor instead of Attack Power.* Corrected duplicate loot drops from rare mobs Emissary Kavenik and Frosthide.* Thunder Snow has been fixed so that Sentinel Nightbane is always where expected.MATHOSIA* Shyla will cast heals more often to assist players during the Rift event.MOONSHADE HIGHLANDS* Rainy weather is a bit less frequent in Moonshade.* Question and Answers: Centurion will stop beating on the Imprisoned Legionnaire before you get a chance to interrogate him.* The hounds of Conchobhar will stop trying to defy their master.* Rational Ward: Fixed issues with the quest not updating thanks to lazy Defense Turrets.* To Know Evil: The Infernal Transmitter will be more reliably provided.* Fall of Moonshade: Updated quest locators on the map.* In Plain Sight: The first objective now shares progress for the whole party.* A Gathering Force: The Demiurge of Earth now has a more accurate quest locator.* Death's Embrace: Reduced Gorvaht's damage.* A Holy Remedy: The sickly dwarves now stop to offer thanks before running back to Three Springs.* Scanning for Clues: The Defiant Scanner should be more reliable.* A Demon Among Satyrs: This quest now grants credit to all group members on the same step.* Guardians on the Edge: This quest will now display map locators.* The Elite Greater Golems in Grey Gardens now look visually different from the Lesser Golems.SCARLET GORGE* Taking Shards: Fixed an issue causing the visual effects to not appear as intended. Group members now also receive credit for placing the Problem Solvers.* Bits and Pieces: Construct components now drop as group loot for everyone on this quest.SCARWOOD REACH* Honest When Dead: Fixed step four of this quest so it properly progresses.* Sealing the Portal: The portal at the back of Sagespire should be much more active now.* Salve No Longer: Quest can once again be completed.* Seek and Destroy: Added a map marker for Kelynn Eregor.* A Troll's Lunch: Rakthug should respawn much more quickly now.* Let them Come: Fixed to allow party members to join in on the mission.SHIMMERSAND* Final Preparations: Anthon Eskar, the Dragonslayer Covenant guard who provides the disguise for Flatyard quests, no longer tries to offer a second disguise if you already have one.* Buried Beneath: You will now be required to kill 16 Immature Whelplings for this quest.* A Crafter's Lament: Now grants loot to all group members on the quest.* Fire and Sand: Improved spawn rates of Wanton Bone Rituals.* Tweaked scripting for the levers to summon Warden Nevin for Dragonslayer Covenant daily quests.* Slither the Voice: You get to keep the Inmate Disguise item after completing this quest!* Binding the Lightning, To Turn Aside the Storm: Golden Maw Enforcers will now correctly display quest tooltips.* Dragonslayer: Forging the Haft: This was a sneaky leftover quest from testing that was horribly broken and not intended for the live game -- it's been removed!* The mobs inside The Flatyard should respawn more slowly when fewer players are in the area.* Lester Ironbole at Gildstone Sanctum will no longer be attacked by the Storm Legion in the area.* Added more guards to Fortune's Shore.SILVERWOOD* Azure Blade on the shores of Suncrest Rise now properly share faction with the Defiant.* Rift: Forging Heat: The Gedlo Heater should quit getting stuck inside the bonfire during stage three.* Beast of Burden: This quest is now offered to mount-less players at level 13 instead of 20.* Aelfwar Monstrosities: Quest now has more accurate locators for Aelfwar Defenders.* Clouded Contemplation: Quest now requires you to kill 8 Greenscale Zealots, rather than 12.* The Power of Life: Increased the drop rate of items required for this quest.* Thanks to the recent efforts of the Ascended, the road leading to and from Silver Landing is now much safer for travel.STILLMOOR* The Spirit Walk: Quest now gives proper credit for the second objective.* Spirit Animus: Quest gives credit when entering Hillsborough.* The Spirit Walk and Spirit Animus shadow forms match up with player Calling!* Galenir's Last Answer: Fixed respawn of Galenir.* Digging in the Dirt: The JKG-77 has learned to better recognize the character it should be following.* New Blood: Added a missing pre-requisite to this quest, so that you must first complete An End to the Horror.* Guardian NPCs at Thalin Tor should no longer respawn instantly.STONEFIELD* The Graniteborn Champion and Corrupted Graniteborn Champion ability, Earthen Shock, will no longer react to passive or DoT damage.* Dead Drop: The respawn rate of the Earthmaul Ward is now faster.* Breaking the Breaker: Bonebreaker will always be tagged to the player who spawned him. Also cleaned up a case where players who attempted to summon Bonebreaker immediately after someone else killed him could have their quest items removed but not spawn the NPC.DUNGEONS AND RAIDS* Only the final boss of Expert dungeons drop the Corrupted and Grotesque Souls needed for Expert and Raid Rifts.* Reduced the drop rate of Bind on Equip items in Expert Dungeons.* Adjusted harvest nodes in Abyssal Precipice and Charmer's Caldera - nodes before the first bosses can no longer be stealthed to.ABYSSAL PRECIPICE* Expert: Icetalon's Ripping Talons can no longer critically hit.Akala [Outdoor Raid]* Reduced health of Stone Wardens to make the first fight phase possible with 10 players.* Akala's Aegis of Stone and Gift of Laethys buffs can no longer be purged.CHARMER'S CALDERA* Expert: Gronik will now reset if he leaves his encounter area.* Expert: Gronik's minions, Xaeiel and Sanwusu now ignore line of sight with their spells.* Expert: Added borders around Ryka Dharvos' area to ensure more laser goodness.THE FALL OF LANTERN HOOK* Expert: Oludare the Firehoof can now Charge and throw harpoons at players from a greater distance.FOUL CASCADE* Corruptive Ritual: Fixed so that the mobs that drop the required items now always spawn in certain groups.GREENSCALE'S BLIGHT [Raid]* Blightleaf Hexmaster's Noxious Cloud can no longer critically hit.* Blightleaf Guard's Wicked Vine can no longer critically hit.* All general population mobs' standard attacks can now critically hit.* Made small adjustments to boss enrage timers. * Greenscale: Fixed the protective Life Aura occasionally not spawning.IRON TOMBS* Added new ranged weapon rewards to the zone quest, You Are Who They Call.KING'S BREACH* Expert: Konstantin's Mathosian Fury is now more lethal (and furious).RUNIC DESCENT* Changed the quest mobs, Guardian Purelights, so the ambush should be easier to manage.* Expert: Eliam's Death's Fury can no longer be removed by player abilities.* Expert: Rictus: Changed Rotting Flesh from a targeted AoE DoT to a ground target effect with a longer duration.
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