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ITEMS* Increased the amount of Armor on Cloth items.* Increased the amount of Plaques of Achievement needed to purchase first and second-tier Expert Dungeon items.* Pure-Endurance 'Of the Fortress' items will no longer drop above level 13.* A large number of new Essences have been added to merchants in Meridian and Sanctum for purchase with Inscribed Sourcestones.* Earthbreak Pauldrons from the quest Hero of the Defiants had defensive stats on them when offensive stats were intended. This has been updated for future Earthbreak Pauldrons, but existing items will remain as-is.* Fixed a number of items, including high-end Weaponsmith recipes, that had incorrect auction house categories. They now appear in the expected search results. We would list them all, but it's a long list.* Going forward, randomly generated two-handed weapons will come with DPS stats rather than tanking stats.* The Waxing Shadesource had stats applied for a higher level item, and has been reduced in effectiveness to match its level.* Spellbinder's Sash now has Spell Power instead of Attack Power.* Crystal of Brilliance and Crystal of Foresight had melee stats but are caster items. This has been corrected.* Rare Essences dropped from Major and Minor Rifts should no longer be bound on pickup.* Chan's Thundering Fist was set up as a Warrior weapon rather than a Cleric weapon. This has been corrected so it now properly has spell power and lower base weapon damage.* Petrifying Rune: The root proc will now break on damage.* Fixed Ritualist's Buckler to be a Cleric-equippable shield.* A number of offhand book items had the wrong visual attached and have been fixed.* Powdery Ash now has a proper sell price.* Fixed many minor typos in item names.CRAFTING* Fixed an issue where all potions were on the same cooldown. They are now divided into three major groups based on their effects: Healing/Positive, Damage/Negative, and Buffs.* A large number of items have been updated to be Runebreakable/Salvagable. In general, all items not purchased from a vendor should fall into these categories.* Fixed Rootcatch Brew items, which were using a healing effect rather than functioning as a snare.* Recipe: Blazing Wisdom Rune now teaches the correct recipe.* Artificers may now open their crafting window by right-clicking Looms.* New zone-specific drops come from monsters in the following zones, and are used in recipes from each zone:  - Gnarled Core - Scarwood reach  - Evergreen Core - Freemarch  - Enchanted Core - Silverwood  - Stone Core - Stonefield  - Shadow Core - Gloamwood  - Rusty Core - Scarlet Gorge  - Cracked Core - Droughtlands  - Glowing Core - Moonshade Highlands.* A large number of recipes from notoriety vendors have been adjusted. Recipes that were previously Uncommon are now Rare and have their stats adjusted accordingly. Ingredients used in these recipes require the Cores mentioned above or have had their other ingredients and quantities updated.* Iron Buckler recipes from faction vendors have been renamed to Steel Buckler.* Blackwood Chopper crafted item has been renamed to Blackwood Cleaver.PVP/WARFRONTS* You can now report AFK teammates in a Warfront. When enough of the team has reported someone as AFK, they will have a short period to prove themselves by engaging the enemy or supporting the team. If they fail to prove themselves, they will be banished!* Falling through the world, or using the Customer Service 'I'm Stuck' button, will now result in a respawn inside the Warfront instead of teleporting you out and applying the Deserter debuff!* PvP combat: Abilities now only check for caster facing their target at the start of a cast - they will still land if a target moves behind you while the casting is in progress.* Killing lower level players in your Warfront bracket will now grant some favor and some experience.* The Black Garden: The damage dealt from the Fang of Regulos now increases higher than 100% of the carrier's max health.* The Codex, Whitefall Steppes: Fixed a bug where stunning/mesmerizing/incapacitating an enemy player did not interrupt flag captures in progress.* The Battle for Port Scion: Repeatable quests now grant 50 Notoriety, up from 25.* The Battle for Port Scion: 50 Notoriety is awarded with the Noble Guard or Eldritch Vanguard for every 100 points earned.* The Battle for Port Scion: Resident NPCs in Port Scion no longer apply the Exposed debuff.* The Battle for Port Scion: Defiant Centurions and Guardian Lieutenants have had their difficulty slightly reduced.* The Battle for Port Scion: Capturing Sourcestone with two Idols up is now worth 30 points. Each Idol lost will reduce the score for capturing Sourcestone by 10 points.GRAPHICS AND AUDIO* The low health and death effects have been improved in the Low Quality Renderer.* Shield spell effects now appear on players even when mounted.* Wardstones in player hubs have new and improved visuals!* Extraplanar Leather Gloves and Ellisar's Gloves now have actual glove graphics when equipped instead of INVISIBLE HANDS.COMMANDS AND MACROS* The /focus command now understands the @targeting arguments like the /target, /cast, and /use commands. * @pet targets your primary pet, and @targettarget picks up your target's target.UI/SETTINGS* Character stats will turn green on the character sheet if they are under any sort of bonus.* The total number of discoveries for a character is now displayed in the Achievements window.* Additional improvements to the Soul Tree window - role-changing and resetting visuals, confirmation to save points on exit, etc.* Equipped Planar Essences should now show colored borders based on the rarity of the Essence.* The guild roster will stop showing you as AFK when you log back in after having logged out with the AFK flag on.* UI pieces docked to the Target and Target of Target windows now stay where you told them to be.* Guild names are now included in player tooltips.* Fixed a brief artifacting flicker on the screen when discarding changed video settings instead of applying and saving them.* Fixed a bug that would cause the Reactive Abilities UI to stop working after performing a /reloadui.* Edit Layout Mode: Elements can now be set to fade in and out when moused over or when entering and leaving combat.* The Rift meter contribution bar and leaderboard button have been removed.* The Tutorial Alert icon will now always appear in the same place instead of being attached to the casting bar (which can be moved by editing the UI layout).CLIENT* The green dot next to recommended shards at Shard Select now says Recommended instead, which is what it meant.* High population shards show in orange text, and medium in yellow. Full is still red!* We now also display queue sizes at shard selection.
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